If you’ve been alleged to have been driving without due care or have been alleged to have been speeding our expert team of solicitors can help.

If you drive for a living or use your car for commuting and have been accused of speeding, and your livelihood is in jeopardy, we can assist you. Under this circumstance, you may be asked to appear at the magistrates’ court, where the penalty, if you’re found guilty, is a maximum of six months imprisonment and/or a financial fine which will not exceed two and half thousand pounds.

Death by Dangerous Driving

If your offence is more serious, the prosecution must demonstrate to the court that dangerous driving occurred and that the cause of death was caused by your driving. It is our job to look carefully at your case and all the circumstances involved to understand your legal position.

Driving While Disqualified

If you been driving whilst disqualified your case will generally be heard in the magistrates’ court in which case a maximum penalty can be six months imprisonment and/or financial fine which cannot exceed £5000.

Driving Without Insurance

If you been driving without insurance this will also be heard at the magistrates’ court and you may be punished with a fine of up to £5000. You may also be endorsed with 6 to 8 penalty points.

Transparency in price and service

As each case is unique we can indicate a range of pricing as part of our transparency in price and service. You can see the expected costs and service level here.

Motoring Offence Team

If you’ve been asked to appear in court by the police, we will help to build your case, speak to a solicitor and ensure you get the best representation on the day. Our committed and passionate team have been guiding clients like you for over 15 years.

We make sure we give you simple, clear advice to get the right result.

How can we help you?

We will first need to generate all the appropriate evidence for your case.

We may need to speak to the Crown Prosecution Service, or the police and any other parties involved in the incident.

We will then work on building your case and work with you to get the best possible outcome.


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