The Sexual Offences Act 2003 covers a number of sexual offences.

The act covers the following sexual offences:


The term rape refers to a non-consensual offence which carries a maximum penalty of a life sentence. Rape is a very serious accusation and involves a number of events that will have happened leading up to the offence. This may include intoxication, drugs, or a direct intent to cause the offence without the victim’s consent.

Assault by Penetration

If the allegation relates to penetration including a part of the body or an object, and penetration is sexual in nature, without consent, this offence is commonly charged. These kinds of offences are generally handled in the Crown Court and carry a maximum penalty of a life sentence.

Sexual Assault

If you touch another person in a sexual manner without the other person’s consent and the other person believes that they have not given you consent, a sexual offence can be deemed to have been committed.

This may include touching of a person’s body and unwanted kissing. These kinds of offences are generally dealt with in the magistrates’ court with a maximum penalty of up to 6 months imprisonment or if more serious in the Crown Court with up to 10 years imprisonment.

Historical Allegations

In light of recent media activity surrounding high-profile cases of historical sexual allegations, we are well placed to be able to deal with historical sexual allegations cases including investigation, analysis and representing you at the highest levels as required

Our team of experts has dealt with sexual allegations cases for over 15 years, and understand the sensitivities surrounding these cases. We give you the right care and attention, as well as discretion to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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