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In legal terms, the term “theft” implies a person took property that belonged to somebody else with the intention of not returning it. In this case, a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment can be enforced if the case is particularly serious.


If you been accused of burglary you may have entered the property as a trespasser and had an intention of theft or criminal damage. In this case, a maximum sentence can be up to 14 years imprisonment.

In both theft and burglary cases, all aspects of your case need to be considered in depth. Contact us today and find out how our team can help you.

Not Paying for Goods or Services

If the person understands that payment is required for a good or service and subsequently does not pay for that good or service this is known as “making off without payment”.

This may include a person who drives off after filling their vehicle with fuel or it could mean a person who takes out a professional service and fails to pay.

How can we help?

In each of these cases, our team of solicitors will meticulously analyse your case and understand all aspects of the accusation in order to come to an appropriate conclusion.

Your case may warrant a minor or serious accusation against you. This may have devastating consequences for your personal and family life and your standing in the community.

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