Money laundering refers to the process of hiding money illegally through fraudulent business transactions.

Money laundering may include passing money through a number of businesses until the money cannot be traced. If a court finds money laundering has occurred, it can apply heavy financial penalties.

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Our Solicitors have over 10 years experience in handling money laundering cases. If you’ve been accused of money laundering and need assistance, contact us right away. We’ll give you solid legal advice and ensure you are fully aware of every aspect of your case.

  • We’ll give you effective representation from the outset of your case
  • We will communicate with all relevant parties
  • We will intervene on your behalf for any accusations made about you, your property or business

Money laundering cases can often prove to be complex, and prosecution can be a lengthy affair. All aspects of the case must be considered, and proving culpability must be absolutely clear.

Confiscation Enforcement

If a confiscation order has been made, the defendant has a maximum of six months after the order.

This may include a heavy payment demand made upon the defendant. At this time it is critical to ensure that an application is made for further time is not doing so can lead to a term in prison.


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