We are specialists in criminal law, and our solicitors have been providing representation to hundreds of clients across Yorkshire for over 15 years.

If you’ve been questioned by the police, are about to be prosecuted or are under investigation, and have been instructed to appear at the magistrate’s court we can give you advice, support, and representation at your court hearing.

Our aim is to give you complete peace of mind for your court case and provide you with the right representation to ensure you get the most favourable outcome as possible.

Our team represents clients at the magistrates court regularly with over 15 years experience in dealing with magistrates cases.

This may include applying to the court for bail, or representing you at the trial as well as gathering all appropriate information and building your case.

Why us?

We are always available at our offices on Roundhay Road, Leeds. We make sure you are supported by a representative who understands your situation and can provide you with the best advice possible.

We can also work on a more urgent basis depending on your case.

We can help you to navigate any legal jargon and ensure all information is explained to you clearly and transparently. Our advocates have a strong reputation in the area and can provide you with utmost care and commitment to fight your corner in court.

Expertise – Our advocates are fully equipped to deal with your unique situation and will aim to always give you the best advice in your particular legal problem.

Care – Our team is highly motivated, and highly passionate about law. Whatever your background, or whatever problems you are facing we will always make sure that we treat you fairly and justly.

Financial Assistance – We can also guide you through any financial help available such as legal aid to give you total peace of mind during your case. If you not eligible for legal aid, we will tailor any private fees to your personal circumstances.

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