Section 18 Assault (Grievous Bodily Harm)

If an allegation has been made against you of Section 18, it is imperative you seek effective legal advice from the outset.

What is Section 18 Assault?

Section 18 Assault is known as grievous bodily harm as detailed in Section “18 and “20” of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861.

The offence must include wounding with intent or with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. In UK law a Section 18 is the most serious form which can be committed. As a result, it can carry serious consequences.

A section 18 assault may include:

  • Planning an attack on another person
  • Selecting weapons or adapting an object to be used as a weapon
  • Threatening another person assault using a weapon on a victim’s head

This type of assault charge is extremely serious and although in previous cases some leniency could be had. Most sentences range from 3 to 16 years.

It is extremely important to seek the right kind of legal advice. This should be done as soon as any accusation of an assault charge has been made against you. You can learn more in our Crime FAQs. Contact our criminal law solicitors today and find out how we can give you clear, personal legal advice in regard to your assault charge.

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