Allegations of murder, serious assault, and manslaughter are extremely serious offences leading to lengthy prison sentences.

If you have been involved in any of these accusations it is critical to have responsible legal representation to guide you through what may end up being a very difficult case for the average person.

We offer a discreet and to-the-point legal service from the beginning of your court case. We are able to give you the right advice throughout the stages of your case and ensure you have a legal team that understands your unique requirements.


In many cases prosecution must prove that a person who is of sound mind has killed another person unlawfully with the intention of killing them or causing them grievous harm.

Voluntary Manslaughter

In a voluntary manslaughter case, the prosecution must also prove that a person had diminished responsibility, provocation, or death caused by a suicide pact. This cannot be classed as murder.

Involuntary Manslaughter

Involuntary manslaughter does not involve any intention to kill or cause bodily harm. However, the other elements of involuntary manslaughter are exactly the same as murder and include unlawful act manslaughter and gross negligence manslaughter.

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