Been in a Car Accident? Here’s How to Make a Claim

Every year, the rate of deaths due to car accidents per 100,000 of the population stands at 4.4% in the UK. The rate of car accidents stands at an even higher percentage. Even though the national lockdowns and quarantine periods have slowed the numbers down last year, car accidents are still inevitable in many streets and highways here. This has left many motorists and drivers with many damages – both financial and emotional. 

We at Hayman’s Solicitors understand the burden that this could cause on those who have suffered damages. To help you out, we have prepared some steps on how you can make a claim on your auto insurance. At least with this, the financial repercussions might be a bit bearable. 

So, without further ado, here are some tips on what you should do when you are in an accident and some steps you can follow to make a claim. 

If you are in an accident… 

Accidents can happen so fast. You might not even have time to think about what you should do at the moment other than getting swept up by your reflexes. But if you ever get in a car accident, here are some very important things that you should remember. 

As much as possible, never admit that it was your fault at the scene. You cannot make a claim once it has been proven that you admitted to being at fault. Another thing you should do is to exchange contacts with the other drivers. Get details from any independent witnesses who were there when the accident happened. 

In case some parties who were involved in the accident refuse to provide their details, you can consult with your trusted insurer. With their resources, they might be able to trace these uncooperative parties through their vehicle registration number. 

It is also highly recommended to notify your insurer about the accident immediately after it happened. And if someone got injured, present your insurance certificate or cover note to the police. When this is impossible to do at the scene, be sure to take the documents to the station within seven days. 

Take as many photographs as you can. These can be used later as evidence which can help make your claim stronger. 

The process of making a claim may vary from one situation to another. So, here are several situations that you may run into and what you can do after. 

If you have comprehensive insurance…

Having a comprehensive policy can save you from a lot of claiming troubles. For one, you can claim from your insurer if you are covered by a good policy. However, you may lose your no claims bonus if the money can’t be recovered from the other driver’s insurer. 

You may claim uninsured losses which can cover alternative transport while your vehicle is being prepared. It can also cover any loss of earnings, treatment for personal injuries, and any excess on your policy. 

To make a claim, request a form from your insurer. Another alternative may be writing to the other driver or their insurer. Give details about the accident and the other driver’s policy number. They should also be informed of any independent witnesses along with their witness statements. 

If you have third-party insurance…

To make a claim under a third-party insurance, inform the other driver that you want to claim from them in writing. The insurer will be the one to decide who is responsible for the accident. If the decision puts you at fault, be ready to repair your vehicle. Make sure to work with your insurer on this matter. 

On vehicular repairs… 

Before you get your vehicle fixed, your insurer may send someone to inspect it. Before having repairs done, they may ask you to utilize an approved repairer or give them quotations.

If your car is in better shape after repairs than it was before, you may have to cover some of the repair costs yourself.

If your insurer determines that repairing your car is not cost-effective, they should offer you the vehicle’s market value. They will usually remove your car, although you may be able to negotiate to keep it. This would be considered as an insurance write-off. 

The Bottomline… 

There are many other situations you may find yourself in. For instance, you might get into a car accident where damage to older cars or you may have to make a claim for a vehicle that is a write-off. Different situations will call for different actions. For a detailed step by step outline of the process on how to make an accident claim, click the link.

The bottom line is, you need someone on your side to help assist and guide you. 

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