Slip, Trip, and Fall Claims

In a place with poor lighting, uneven or contaminated surfaces, or trailing cables, it is inevitable for some people to slip, trip, and fall. Accidents happen no matter how careful we are and how much we don’t want them to. People may suffer injuries due to the negligence of councils, businesses, or landlords in maintaining the safety of a public area.

Such injuries may range from minor cuts to something as serious as head trauma. In the United Kingdom, you may make an injury claim if you believe that you slipped, tripped, or fell because of someone else’s fault. Read on to know how to make a claim if you slip, trip, or fall.

How to Make a Slip, Trip, or Fall Injury Claim

Other people’s negligence may cause harm to you. If this happens, here’s what you can do to make a claim for personal injuries. 

Gather Necessary Information

Trying to document the details of your accident may not be the first thing you think about when you are in pain. However, it is important that you have evidence that the accident is due to poor maintenance. 

Take photos

You most probably have your smartphone with you every time you go out and about. Therefore, make sure that you take pictures of the site and the cause of your injury, which can be an uneven surface, unsuitable floor surfaces, etc. If you notice that there are no warning or caution signs on the place, take pictures of the surroundings.

Collect the witnesses’ contact details

If you are in a public place, there may be people who have witnessed the accident—the ones with you or those who just happen to be in the same place as you. Ask for their permission to collect their contact details and tell them that you need their statements to support your case. This way, you will have a stronger case when making accident claims.

Keep medical documents

Accidents can result in minor bruises to severe bone dislocation. Therefore, you may or may not need medical attention. If you seek medical help, make sure to keep the documents with you to file for compensation or reimbursement from your expenses.

Moreover, medical documents also provide a comprehensive description of the extent and severity of your injury. Through this, you can get the right amount of compensation.

Ask the Help of a Solicitor

Having a solicitor will greatly help you in your case when making injury claims. With their expertise in the legalities of making claims, they will make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Note that you have to get a solicitor who is an expert in personal injury claims. They will make the process less of a hassle on your part.

Worried about the Costs of Making Accident Claims?

You may wonder if making a claim will cost more than the compensation you will receive. Or worse, what if you don’t get the compensation at all?

Good news! That is not something you should worry about. Slip, trip, or fall compensation claims are a no-win, no-fee arrangement. Therefore, you will only have to pay any costs if you win your claim. If not, you won’t have to pay at all.

Who Can be Liable for Your Slip, Trip, or Fall?

Local Councils

Making sure that public spaces like walkways, steps, and pavements are safe for the people to walk into is the local council’s responsibility. Therefore, you have to obtain an acceptance of liability from the insurance company of your council if you figured an accident in public places.

It will also help the community avoid such accidents if you report the things that need fixing to the council. This may include broken slabs, growing weeds, or dangerously raised surfaces.


Owners of business establishments like shopping centres, restaurants, and malls are liable for any slip, trip, and fall accidents that happen inside their premises. To prevent inadvertently inflicting injuries to their customers, they have to make sure that their place is free of hazards. If there is a space that poses risks, businesses should place necessary signposts.


Some people slip, trip, and fall while they are on their work, especially in sites where general labour is carried out. While laws require employers to reimburse the expenses of their employees if they meet an accident while working, it is still crucial for employers to ensure that the production floor or workplace is safe.


If you slip, trip, and fall on a premise you rented, landlords can also be liable for that accident. Property owners ensure that the places they offer to the tenants are free from hazards like leaks, uneven surfaces, cracked floors, etc.

Let Us Assist You

No one wants to meet an accident. But if you slip, trip, and fall, and you firmly believe that you are not at fault, then make a claim to get compensation. 

You can always depend on Haymans Solicitors to provide you with honest and transparent legal services in making injury claims. With over 15 years of experience in handling slip, trip, and fall cases, we guarantee you that you will have a stress-free process when making a claim and ultimately receive the maximum amount of compensation. Contact our claims solicitors on 01132 49 49 49 for clients in Leeds or 01706 39 33 33 for clients in Rochdale.

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